Attention Chiropractor: If you want to quickly get PI referrals each month, then keep reading…

Announcing A Referral System That Can Generate

A Steady Flow Of PI Referrals Who Are

Loyal and Compliant, And

Will Refer to Your Practice Time And Time Again

… Even If You’re Afraid To Ask For Referrals

Dear Chiropractor,

If you’re tired of constantly wasting money on traditional advertising campaigns that only fill your pipeline with skeptical and price-resistant patients…

… then this message will reveal to you a system the nation’s top chiropractors use to get dozens of high-paying PI patient referrals each month…

WITHOUT any advertising

WITHOUT begging or lowering their prices

And WITHOUT working more hours

In fact, once you implement what you discover here, you won’t only work FAR less, but your pipeline will be constantly filled with patients with near-guaranteed payment when their PI case is finished.

Furthermore, if you implement the system you’ll discover here, you might even need to hire additional practitioners or open a new practice location just to accommodate the additional influx of personal injury patients.

Keep this in mind though…

What My System Is NOT

My system is NOT leveraging paid “referrals” -- you don’t pay the attorneys anything to send you these patients (in fact, if someone tells you to pay them, you should run from them like from the plague -- that’s highly illegal and you could end up in jail)

My system is NOT franchises -- you keep ALL the profits for yourself

My system is NOT a late-night infomercial program that promises to make you millions but only makes the guy selling it rich. My system comes from my 41+ years of experience as a personal injury trial attorney.

This IS the only way for the “little chiropractor” to grow his or her practice in months without any advertising. And make an income that would make a world-class neurosurgeon jealous -- and with MUCH less work too!

Here’s Why This Will Help You Out

After more than 41+ years working as a personal injury attorney and an expert helping chiropractors get more PI referrals from PI attorneys… I’ve systematized methods you can start using IMMEDIATELY to get a huge influx of patients in your practice.

It’s the fastest and most effective way to get a FLOOD of new patients, generate a massive surge in sales, and make MAXIMUM PROFITS in record time.

But first, I have to tell you…

The system I’m going to reveal in this letter are something “they” don’t want you to know.

I’m talking about all the competitors in your area who dwindle the return on investment from their current advertising cost. They’ll be angrier than a nest of hornets when they see the number of PI patients you’ll be getting WITHOUT running any ads… and while working less on your marketing than an Eastern European government clerk.

Keep in mind though: This system is exclusive for 1 chiropractor per geographic area. So, if any of your competitors get it before you, you will NOT be able to get it. Ever.

Because I want only the best to leverage this to exponentially grow their practices…

You can use this system to…

Get More NEW PATIENTS And SELL MORE SERVICES In The Next 30 Days… Than You Have In The Last 12 Months!

Even more exciting…

You can do it all by spending only 15 minutes to half an hour every day connecting with attorneys… and knowing EXACTLY what to do with them:

How and with WHAT to follow up

WHAT to say so they start sending your new patients straight away

And even HOW to keep up the relationship strong so they start talking to you to their colleagues and expand your network for YOU

How can I say that?

Because Every Part of the System Is Being Used Successfully and Now The Entire System Can Be Yours!

How do I know?

Because I have held seminars where doctors and chiropractors have attended multiple times. One of these seminars was even attended by 200+ chiropractors and doctors who are using my system concepts and have some of the best practices in the country.

Here’s the catch:

A lot of chiropractors miss out on HUGE income potential simply because they don’t understand how to approach or follow-up with PI attorneys, or they are uncomfortable doing it. When in fact, it’s easier than what most people think, or have been taught.

For many, the idea of seeking PI referrals or “networking” with attorneys means the stereotypical, slick, fast-talking person sticking a business card into the hand of every person they meet, blabbing about themselves. As a result, many chiropractors are reluctant to ask for referrals because they fear being perceived as pushy, or worse, somewhat desperate.

After all…

Aren’t You Tired Of Playing The Usual “Game”?

For a start, the game of the “working” world is stacked against you:

Your patients want to pay you peanuts and work you to death…

Then, dozens of your patients end up going to your competitors because of their “cheaper” prices…

Advertising is getting more and more expensive and works less and less

You’re getting contacted by these “marketing agencies” which promise more patients, but either end up running with your money or getting you the worst the market can offer…

Your personal life starts crumbling bit by bit because of the immense pressure the worries for your practice cause to your brain…

And your competitors are seemingly doing better, but you know they have worse services than yours…

It’s a cold-hearted, competitive world out there. Your competition is relentless… so you are on the hamster wheel unless you do things differently!

So, would you like to live a stress-free life? Knowing that in the morning there will be a line of patients waiting in front of your practice?

Just For A Minute, Imagine This:

You wake up in the morning…

Grab a cup of coffee and have a nice breakfast…

Then you head to your practice, in your brand new car…

You greet your staff… even a few people you hired recently to help you out…

Get into your office… open your trusty laptop…

Send a few emails… make a couple of calls…

And in a couple of hours, loyal and compliant PI patients start lining up in front of your practice waiting to get your services…

All of this, because…

You Know EXACTLY What To Do To

Get PI Attorneys To Send You Referrals!

That’s it! You’re done with the marketing for the day.

It took less than 30 minutes.

You close your laptop, turn off the phone, leisurely enjoy the rest of your coffee… and head to the front of your practice to help relieve the pains of all those people who are waiting for you.

YES! That Life CAN Be Yours!

I know it. Because I’ve already helped hundreds of doctors and practice owners do it.

When you know the concepts in my system I’m about to reveal, it’s like having a license to print money.

Here’s how simple it is:

You see, my system isn’t a million processes that would cost you thousands of dollars to get more patients through the door.

On the contrary, my system is so concise that you can understand the concepts in a single sitting. And then, in a single evening, you could start implementing and see results sooner that you can possibly imagine.

Here’s why my system has worked for chiropractors so far, and why the concepts will for YOU:

Point #1: There are up to 135,000 licensed, active personal injury lawyers in the United States

Point #2: All of these PI attorneys have dozens of clients that need treatment.

Point #3: Meaning, if we’re conservative and they send you only 1 of their PI clients to your practice each week, you’d get 4 new patients every month (how much do you earn for the average PI case? - I know the treatment is at least $5,000), you’d be earning another $20,000.00 each month.

Point #4: Repeat extrapolated - in the most conservative scenario where you only get 4 PI referrals each month, you’d pocket an additional 4 * $5,000 = $20,000. That’s an extra $240,000 each year!

Point #5: Here’s the catch: chiropractors that implement ALL of my system concepts as laid out, won’t only get 4 new PI referrals each month… what if the number of new patients was 8, 15, or even 20 new PI cases every. Single. Month? To put this into perspective: 20 new monthly PI cases is 240 new cases a year. Or translated into dollars… that’s $1,200,000 of extra revenue!

Quite profitable for half an hour of daily work, isn’t it?

Now, this sounds all great, but…

How Do You Get Your Hands On This System?

How do you start getting these returns WITHOUT any advertising?

How do you start growing your practice while working less and making more?

There… you’re in luck, my friend…

Because just a few months back, there was NO other way to get access to this system to get high-paying PI referrals from personal injury attorneys other than being in my local market and having my favor...

I mean, that I like you.

I’m sure I’d like you if we met… but, you probably are not going to fly in to see me just to have coffee with me.

So now, you can discover all the concepts in my system from the comfort of your home…

I’ve just put the finishing touches on my VIP program…

Getting PI Cases

Which contains the concepts I’ve taught hundreds of the top chiropractors…

… the concepts that many chiropractors have used to generate high for themselves and a lifestyle allowing them to create the maximum positive impact in their society

… and the same system you can use to do the same.

This is the complete A-to-Z guide that gives you everything you need to know about getting attorneys to refer THEIR PI clients to YOU. And to get them to do that time and time again.

Everything you need to know to…

Set appointments with new PI patients at the push of a button. Plus, all these referred patients are far easier to start working with because you’re going in on borrowed influence and borrowed trust. Price becomes less of an issue. Referred patients are already in the mindset of getting your services because their attorney recommended you

Create a proven system for ensuring an almost sensational supply of new PI patients, which attorneys would be happy to give to you.

Overcome your fear of rejection when asking for referrals

Develop a “frame” around your services that actually draws PI attorneys to you and not to your competitors

Increase the amount of fun you have attending to your appointments while decreasing your stress

Stop sabotaging your chances for success and overcome the attitude of fear and limiting beliefs

Once you learn the concepts in my system, now being used by many chiropractors and practice owners to create a network for PI referrals, you’ll feel like you’ve put your practice growth on autopilot.

You’ll no longer worry about where to find your next patient. In fact, chiropractors who know how to get referrals from attorneys feel less stress, consistently hit their financial goals, and have more fun doing it.

Although, before you get this program, you need to know this:

This Is NOT For You If…

… you think you can sit on the couch and complain how hard it is to get new patients all day and hope to see a change in your practice…

… you’re not willing to invest at least half an hour daily - TOTAL - to create the initial connections with PI attorneys (later this half an hour would be much less, if anything…)

… you aren’t ready to FINALLY hit your financial goals and live a life of abundance…

If you aren’t in any of the above categories, then here’s..

How To Tell If My System Is Right For You…

Some chiropractors and practice owners wonder if my system will work for them. If you meet the 3 qualifications below, then I can guarantee my system is right for you…

You truly desire to build a better life for yourself and your family…

You aren’t afraid of working an extra half an hour each day (as long as this time equals extraordinary results)...

You know that the only way to make your dreams happen is to take action on them, and not quit until you’ve achieved them…

If the above list describes you, then it’s in your best interest to order now.

Here’s What You Get When You Order Today:

A complete collection of my proven referral system with “deep-dive” explanation and discussion: Getting PI Cases

Not too long ago, I put everything I know about getting referrals from PI attorneys into what I consider the very best source of information on how you can use attorneys to explode the profits of your practice. This is Getting PI Cases

And here’s just some of what you’ll discover inside:

A step-by-step system to know EXACTLY which attorneys in your area are worth contacting, and which you should scratch off your list before even sending an email

3 things most chiropractors are guilty of doing that you should NEVER do if you want to get an attorney to refer your cases (knowing this will position you miles ahead of your competition)

The ONE thing you could do (that takes mere minutes) that would gain the immediate respect and gratitude of ANY attorney you approach

The professional trick you could train your staff to implement that would leave ANY attorney who calls your office delighted and eager to send you more patients

How bringing this ONE person to your practice could position you as the GOLDEN practice in your area

Discover techniques for getting attorneys to truly want to endorse you and your service to their clients who can and WILL come to you

The simple internet trick you could create (that takes only a couple of hours to set up) would not only make the jobs of attorneys much easier, but it would also make them much more reliant on your practice. That way, they’ll HAVE TO send you more referrals!

A crazy “Uber-trick” that would get patients to return to your practice multiple times

The simplest (and one of the best) ways to grow your practice INSTANTLY

How sending THIS educational document 2x/month to attorneys will get them referred you to their attorney friends and grow your network for YOU

Sharing these 3 types of reports in advance to protect the patient’s case and gain attorneys’ immediate respect

How to create reports that beat those of your competitors and make the case resolution much easier

Why hiring Spanish (or bilingual) staff could SKYROCKET the growth of your practice

And much, much more…

This Cost Me $1,000s To Create

The system you can get today has cost me thousands of dollars and decades of my life to create. It contains THE most effective system for getting PI referrals from personal injury attorneys that exists, bar none.

Plus, I have personally spent tens of thousands on personal education and testing to see which system brings the best results and the most high-quality referrals.

Putting this into perspective, the system you can lay your hands on today is well worth above $25,000+ just in research and testing.

Then, I have spent well over 200 hours of my own time in the past few years alone to bring this system to the point of perfection. If I use an hourly rate of $500 (and I make much more than that) that’s well over $100,000+ in personal attention alone.

Not to mention the 41+ years of experience in-the-trenches working on cases and with hundreds of chiropractors.

But, you won’t pay anywhere close to $100,000+.

(even though once you implement my system properly, you could make that amount of money in less than a year).

You won’t pay anywhere near $10,000 either.

In fact, you can get my praised Getting PI Cases system for just $997.

Imagine, just getting ONE $5,000 PI patient would pay off your investment in my system by 5x! Now imagine getting at least 4 of those each month of the year…

Anyway, Here’s The Catch

To ensure the best results for every chiropractor, I have ensured that only ONE practice owner in a geographic area can get access to my system.

Click the link below to immediately get access to my system for a fraction of what these new PI patients could pay you. If the link doesn’t work, then one of your competitors has already claimed their spot.


ONLY $997!

Are These People Any Different Than You?

I don’t think so. They’re just honest people who were so thrilled and amazed with the results they’ve gotten while using my Getting PI Cases system that they’re willing to sign their names to a testimonial.

It takes a heck of a system to inspire that kind of openness and cooperation.

“Paul Samakow is a GENIUS. He has helped me over the years enormously, particularly in helping me get other attorneys to refer their clients to me. His system is GOLD. If you just do a few of the things in his system, your life will be dramatically improved… INSTANTLY.

And you’ll have attorneys sending YOU patients.“

- Camille D'Amato, DC

27 years ago, when I first started my practice, Paul Samakow was INDISPENSABLE. He showed me how to get other attorneys send me THEIR clients. Now I have a thriving PI practice, in no small part, thanks to Paul. Get his system now!”

- Dr. Steven C. Trauben, DC

“We thrive on attorney referrals. I gotta tell ya, Paul Samakow’s system for getting attorney referrals is pure GOLD. We’re using many things from his system, and now seeing it in print, we gonna use EVEN MORE. Because it WILL WORK.”

- Vladi, Marketing Director of 70+ Clinics

Click the link below to immediately get access to my system. If the link doesn’t work, then one of your competitors has already claimed their spot.


ONLY $997!

6 Reasons Why You Should Get Started Right Now!

1. You can start out small. Many empires have been started from a single practice. You don’t need multiple locations or ridiculous overhead when you start out with my system.

2. You will get PI patients. Forget about useless marketing agencies, or wasting time on advertising. You have the chance to do everything the way YOU want to.

3. You have unlimited profit potential. You can make as much money as you can spend. Want an extra $5,000 a month? Okay. Need to make an extra $20.,000? No problem. It’s all up to you. The sky’s the limit.

4. You can run your empire while working less and making more.

5. You can learn everything you need to know in under 2-3 hours and start implementing immediately. But I left the best for last…

6. You don’t need ANY money to get started. You’ll actually learn the system that can get you, new PI patients, for a ZERO investment.


When you order today, you also get:

FREE BONUS #1: My Best Selling Book:

Step By Step Achieve Small Business Success

FREE BONUS #1: My Best Selling Book:

Step By Step Achieve

Small Business Success

This is a MUST READ for every entrepreneur wanting success. It contains a LOT of the entrepreneurial knowledge I have acquired over the past 41+ years. Additionally, in its 268 pages, this book contains concepts that would help your profitability and that you can NOT find anywhere else.

You’ll discover things such as:

The most efficient way to start and grow a small business

The crazy thing about how helping others and impacting your community would SKYROCKET your business growth

How to save hours of time and make more money than you imagined was possible

EXACTLY which business systems you should focus on to get the highest return on your investment

How to get other people to send you THEIR clients to YOUR business

ALL the legal forms of doing business and the required licenses so you are clear in the eyes of the law

And much, much more…

FREE BONUS #2: The ULTIMATE Guide To Getting Started Correctly

In this guide, you will find EVERYTHING you need to prepare your practice so you can get more PI referrals than you ever dreamed of.

This guide is a necessity for ANYONE that wants to do things the right way. So far, it has been available only to my high-ticket consulting clients, but when you order today, you get it as a FREE bonus.

FREE BONUS #3: What You Must NOT Do

If You Want To Get Attorneys On Your Side

This is an example I’ve NEVER shared before of a cold letter I received a while back from a chiropractor asking for my referrals.

It is WRONG on so many levels, yet 99.9% of chiropractors use this EXACT way to “ask” for referrals from attorneys.

Once you know this, you’ll be far ahead of your competition. And become a part of the insider-only circle consisting of 0.01% of chiropractors who know HOW to get referrals.

My Files Are Full Of Documented Success Stories And Unqualified Praise Like This...

“Paul helped me ENORMOUSLY. One suggestion of his resulted in getting over 15 attorneys in one day when I told them what we are going to do for them. Paul’s [advice] is constantly spot on. [...]

And the results are OUTSTANDING in terms of getting more attorneys to work with us.”

- Mary Sharza, Marketing Director

Maryland Healthcare

“I want to thank and endorse attorney Paul Samakow’s system for getting more PI cases. Before, I was doing a few things the system lays out.

Now, I’m using everything and I’m doing what I did much better. Paul hits a HOMERUN.

His systems are a must.”

- Dr. Brain Paris, DC


ONLY $997!

Why You Can NOT “Get” My System

From Another Book, Audio, or DVD Course…

Unlocking the system that would grow your chiropractic practice on-demand is something you do 99% with your body and brain. It’s a practical skill. This means you need to practice and put into action what you learn…

“Getting PI Cases” is a practical system - like martial arts.

For example, if you pick up a book written by Chuck Norris and read it cover to cover and even practice the blocks, kicks, and punches you see in illustrations in front of the mirror… you’re still not going to be a black belt when you’re done.

Most likely, if you stepped in the ring with a black belt trained by Chuck Norris personally - you’d get beat down - and FAST too!

(you’ll also probably need to go to one of your competitors to “fix” you up)

Like martial arts, you need to actually go out and put into action my system so they bear fruit for you and your practice.

That’s also how you get real good, real FAST. I’ve personally seen chiropractors who’ve been in business for decades… they’ve read all the promotional materials, bought all the DVD courses… but when they discover my system, in a matter of weeks, they experience success equal to or greater than the previous decades combined!

My system is being used by top chiropractors and they have created MILLIONS of dollars in sales revenues.

In fact, I am so certain my system will work for you, I’ll protect you with a…


ONLY $997!

By investing in the Getting PI Cases system, you’ll get:

25 different concepts you can apply RIGHT NOW to get PI referrals from attorneys

Instant access to ALL the information

FREE BONUS #1: My best selling book: Step by Step Achieve Small Business Success

FREE BONUS #2: The ULTIMATE Guide To Getting Started Correctly

FREE BONUS #3: What You Must NOT Do If You Want To Get Attorneys On Your Side

A Month From Now, Will You Be Saying:

“I Wish I Had” Or “I’m Glad I Did”?

You can go around your own way, but don’t hope that PI patients will magically appear out of nowhere.

This system has worked for hundreds of chiropractors so far, and it WILL work for you.

So grab it now before it gets locked in your area.

Click the link below to immediately get access to my system. If the link doesn’t work, then one of your competitors has already claimed their spot.


ONLY $997!

To your success,

Paul A. Samakow, Esq.

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